Aktur Village



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Nestled among pine trees at the base of the mountain range that runs along the Datca Peninsula, Datca Aktur Vacation Village is a beautiful gated community with a unique and compelling charm.  The air and the water are exceptionally clean and fresh, the food is famously bountiful and tasty, and there’s lots to do.  Families come here year after year after they discover its magic.

Aktur VIllage has everything on site, including a farmers market 3 times a week, 2 grocery stores, a bakery, a hair and nail salon, sports facilities with rentals and instruction, bike rental, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and a long promenade along the water.

Here are some scenes:

Only 20 minutes by car from Aktur Village, there is a day resort that has a large fresh water pool and slides for kids of all ages.  Buy a day pass and enjoy their buffet, pool, slides and beach.


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